born 30 - 3 - 1993



Belle has been shown 7 times and got an "excellent" on each occasion once with a 1st, twice with a 3rd !!



Tripol's Kristal Gazer JW. '90 Whipspan National Acclaim Kayess Odysseus Laicsyde Special Edition
Elmrise Country Fayre
Whipspan Star Revue Glowhill Orion of Whipspan
Whipspan True Love
Kamp. Tripol's Utopia Kamp. Tripol's Dream Light Kamp. Tripol's Funny Faisal
Hilke vom Haus Page
Tripol's Dark Reason Haradwaith Quicksilver
Tripol's Some Sunny Spells of Westerhuy
Candy van de Wilgenstee Darames Samba of Tripol Merryacre Jayar at Pandorek Sh.Ch.Pandorek Crispin
Snowflake of Merryacre
Darames Hummingbird Sh.Ch.Cochise Czardas
Clwyden Silver Buttons
Prescilla van de Blankehoeve Dearnewood Severianos Mistfall Moonshadow
Scolys Silver Cygnet
Tripol's Ulrike