designed by Annika        






An Award is like a prize you get, for having a nice and well designed homepage. Here you can see the Awards I have gained and I wish to thank you so much for these beautiful gifts !!



Annika en haar Black'n tack Boys !!

My special first Award I received from Annika and her boys !!

Thanks to Annika !!


Evermore Kennel

Many thanks, Marie Loré !!



Queenswell's Kennel

Thank you, George !!



Jazz Up's Kennel

Thank you so much, Elisabeth !!


Eva's Cocker Spaniels

Many thanks, Eva !!



Backhill's Kennel

Thanks to you, Karin !!




Panhurs Kennel

Thank you Anci !!


Westerner Kennel

Thank you Inger !!


Fancy Paws Kennel

Many thanks, Elisabeth and Jöran !!


Thank you, Bitte!!


A great honour !!


What a surprise thank you so much !!


Its a great honour many thanks !!